The region of Terra Alta and in particular the town of Horta de Sant Joan offers countless activities related to nature, as we are located in the natural park of the Ports where breathtaking rivers, waterfalls and a beautiful mountain scenery.

You can make excursions greenways and enjoy walks and bike or walk to observe magnificent views. Can make cultural visits the village of Horta de Sant Joan where the Picasso museum museum with works of genius that lived in this town and Where to Start his Cubist period.

Near the museum is the old town and the other museum, the Eco Ports, the old jail, the arcaded square and the town hall and the church. 2 km. town find the monastery of San Salvador Lady of Angels .

You can also visit the ancient olive tree The Parot (2000 years) and swim in crystal clear water rivers found in idyllic landscapes.

Near the town of Horta de Sant Joan (22 km.) Is wine tour where you can visit the cooperatives modernist, designed by architect Cesar Martinell, a disciple of Get , where you can watch the preparation and tasting the wine of this land.

Activities: Canyoning , Hunting, Cycling, bike trails, caves, espeleogia, horse riding, Montanyisme, Multi adventure, Observatories of nature Orientaciño, Ponting, quads, 4 × 4 trails, Hiking …

Green Trail

Old railway track that transportaba coal mining Teruel to the port of San Carlos de la Rapita.
Currently esfaltada via a unique route for cycling or walking pasejades.
Today is one of the main assets of the region for their journey and picturesque views.

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Picaso Museum

Located in the old Hospital seeks to recall and display the works painted by Picasso lived in Horta de Sant Joan in two stages in 1898 and 1909. A painter’s famous phrase was “everything I know I learned in Horta. ”

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Eco museum

The eco-museum is located in the historic center of Horta, its function is to provide information about the land, people and their natural and cultural heritage. It is a hub from which you can start visiting the area.

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The Ports

The Ports Natural Park is a mountainous area where the town of Horta de Sant Joan occupies 5,100 hectares. It is a place full of wildlife and unspoiled.
Within the park you can do countless trips and walks, climb and enjoy incredible views and observe native flora and fauna such as the Hispanic goat or several species of birds

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Convent of Sant Salvador

The convent of San Salvador is a monastery in the mountains of Santa Barbara.

Is believed was founded by the Templars in the thirteenth century. When suppressed the order they established the Order of Hospitallers, and the early sixteenth century the convent was occupied by the Franciscan order of monks. One of the monks was Salvador Pladevall i Bien (San Salvador de Horta), a saint Horta people adores because he was a humble and kind man. Thanks to his miraculous cures the monastery became a place of pilgrimage for people around the state.

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The Town

The town and surroundings of Horta de Sant Joan is a place of great tourist interest, both for the beauty of the town itself and its history.
Horta de Sant Joan is a town that has a medieval old town and a modern part.
To find the old part of the “castle”, called like this because the town was walled inside of a stunning castle.
It is a perfect place for walks through the narrow streets and admire the construction of stone houses and explore all the attractions offered by the population: the arcaded square, the prison, the eco-museum, Picasso Museum etc..

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