DCIM100GOPROGOPR0687.JPGfotos del cd 011 Is a house built in the fifteenth century , fully renovated in 1992, which opened its doors this year.

This full accommodation classic style, with an area of 700 m2 and has a spotless condition. This accommodation was holiday home Alfonso XIII and retains all its flavor rural manor , both in its decor and furniture throughout. The garden and house are surrounded by a wall 3 m high.

House located 1.5 km. the town of Horta de Sant Joan in a privileged surrounded by fields and nature to play, the Ports Natural Park . The house is 200 meters from the Greenway and very close to all the assets offered by the area.

The garden of 2,000 m2 and its corners are filled with history and anecdotes as “pillars of the ladies’ or ” fig Treasury “.

Senia Don Pedro is a place to enjoy nature in the history of the tranquility and the only noise you hear is birdsong.

Because of its location, the house offers the opportunity to practice agro and many activities related to nature : hiking climbing canyoning , etc..

A company called accommodation Gite de Catalonia . In 1999 he obtained tourism Diploma of the Government of Catalonia as best of Catalonia Cottage . In 2009 he obtained the Diploma in Tourism Quality .


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